Financial Violations

Michael Julian Bond’s Abuse of Office

A History of Abusing the Public’s Trust

  • Michael Julian Bond in 2010 received a $3,000 travel advance to attend the Congressional Black Caucus Conference. But, guess what? He did not attend and visited with his family on your tax dollars. To make matters worse, he didn’t repay the city because he didn’t think he would get caught!
  • In 2013, Bond used $2,590 of your tax dollars for a personal math tutor! When asked by reporters about this expenditure Bond indicated he was “bad at math”. The City Ethics commission found this to be misused funds as this was for personal gain and benefit and not to the benefit of Atlanta taxpayers.
  • The year 2014 was a banner year for Michael Julian Bond. His misappropriations and abuse of official expenses account was astounding. Bond treated his official expense account like his personal piggy bank. Bond used your tax dollars and City personnel to make CDs and DVDS for the Frederick Douglass High School Class of 1984 Reunion.
  • In 2014, he had the city pay for 1984 Frederick Douglass High School lapel pins.
  • Bond attend a family reunion in 2014 on an airline ticket you purchased for him. The City Ethics Office determined that he used public money for private gain and personal benefit. This would never have come to light if Channel 11 had not followed him around in Washington, D.C.
  • Bond has been order by the City Ethics Commission to repay $11,320 in misappropriated funds. Why was there not a criminal investigation into this matter?