Ten Reasons To Vote Against Corruption and Michael Julian Bond!

  • FACT ONE: In 2016, Bond was $45,000 for 300 campaign finance violations. This is the largest fine ever given to an elected official in the history of Georgia.
  • FACT TWO: Bond failed to disclose 253 donations or expenditures amounting to more than $100,000.
  • FACT THREE: Bond failed to file 15 campaign or personal financial disclosures.
  • FACT FOUR: Ethics Commission Chairman said about Bond and his ethics violations: “I wish there was some other alternative because I think (with) this level of violation, you don’t belong in office.
  • FACT FIVE: Bond has yet to make a single payment on his record-setting fine.
  • FACT SIX: In 2010, Bond received an advance of over $3,000 to attend a conference organized by the Congressional Black Caucus, but did not attend and did not repay the City and taxpayers.
  • FACT SEVEN: In 2013, Bond used $2,590 in City (taxpayer) funds to pay a math tutor. The Ethics Commission found that some of the tutoring was for personal benefit.
  • FACT EIGHT: In 2014, Bond used City (taxpayer) dollars and City staff to prepare CDs and DVDs for the Frederick Douglass High School Class of 1984 Reunion. He also had the City pay for pins for the union.
  • FACT NINE: In 2014, Bond attended a family reunion in Washington, DC, paid for by City (taxpayer) dollars. The Ethics Office contended that attending the family reunion was using public money for personal benefit. Channel 11 in Atlanta flew to DC and filmed footage of Bond attending the family reunion, prompting further investigations by the Ethics Office.
  • FACTS TEN: New Ethics Violation: Bond has $32,254 in unexplained 2016 campaign expenditures.

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As a result of Channel 11’s report, on January 15, 2015, Bond signed a settlement with the City of Atlanta Ethics Office admitting guilt to a long list of ethics violations. Bond agreed to repay the City $11,320 for money he used in violation of the ethics code, and pay a civil penalty of $3,900. Bond acknowledged guilt but has still not paid the fine and penalty. The violations included taking multiple trips paid for by the public that was not related to City business, buying party favors and catering for his own high school reunion, taking cash advance for a City trip he never attended, accepting free tickets to multiple events, and paying for private tutoring.

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