The Facts

  • Ethics Chairman, "You don't belong in office."
  • Attends Family Reunion on your dime
  • Forced to repay City of Atlanta $11,320 in misappropriated funds
  • $45,000 State Ethics fine - Largest in State history
  • Misspent City Budget
  • 300 campaign finance violations

Michael Julian Bond’s Record of Abuse

Bond has a notorious record of ethical violations and abuse of the public trust

Michael Julian Bond is unethical and a disgrace to the office he holds! Michael Julian Bond has consistently overspent his city budget – he socks it to the tax payers by paying his city ethics fine of $11,232 through payroll deduction. Bond cannot manage his personal finances, his city council finances or his campaign finances. He is so bad at budgets he used tax payer funds to take a math class. He has abused his office for personal gain by using his city budget like it is a personal bank account. Bond has taken out-of-town trips for class reunions and family reunions – he lied to city officials signing official documents that he was traveling on official business to Washington, D.C. Michael Julian Bond spend $2000 on slide show DVD’s and pins for the High School Class of 1984. Is Michael Julian Bond unfit to serve? You decide!

Corruption is corruption! The State Board of Ethics Chairman told Bond, “You don’t belong in public office!” The Chairman is right. A vote for Michael Bond is a vote to continue the corruption currently plaguing City Hall. The Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation bribery probe is in full swing – E. R. Mitchell and Charles P. Richardson, Jr. will be sentenced on October 10, 2017. You, as a voter, can send Michael Julian Bond on his last unpaid vacation by voting him out of office and making him get a real job!

As if all this bad news about Michael Julian Bond isn’t enough, a NEW formal Ethics Complaint was filed on July 20, 2017 against Michael Julian Bond. The Complaint seeks to open an investigation in to Michael Bond’s failure to submit a January 2016 financial disclosure report as required under the Georgia state ethics laws. Bond’s June 30, 2015 financial disclosure report showed a balance of $32,254 cash on hand. Bond’s June 30, 2016 disclosure report shows a balance of $0, indicating that $32,254 is unaccounted for during that period of time. Michael Julian Bond needs to answer the question, "Where is the missing $32,254.00. The voters of Atlanta deserve an answer to this new, outrageous ethics violation.

Michael Julian Bond is unethical.
On Tuesday November 7, 2017 say “No” to corruption – vote against Michael Julian Bond!

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